Glasses from the Salzkammergut – made with sustainable energy

Sustainability is an important topic for POMBERGER Goisern. That is why Johann von Goisern glasses have been produced exclusively in Bad Goisern for 40 years. Especially in these times, it is all the more important to also focus on renewable energies. One reason why POMBERGER Goisern is making provisions for the future with “green” energy.

On the roofs of the POMBERGER Goisern company, a start was made last year to use more sustainable energy in the future. 337 solar modules were installed on 665 square metres of roof surface by the Kieninger company and the company’s own apprentices. The rear area of the company, near the property fence, was also equipped with solar panels. Markus Lichtenegger, Managing Director of Kieninger Elektro- u. Installationstechnik GmbH, says: “We are particularly pleased to have been involved in this project, as it is not only the largest PV system we have installed to date, but also the largest in Bad Goisern am Hallst├Ąttersee at the moment.

On good sunny days, the system can generate up to 134.8 kWp of electricity. For every pair of glasses produced, 50% of the required energy can be obtained from the sun. With this renewable form of energy, POMBERGER Goisern is not only doing something for the ecological footprint, they are also creating a bit more independence and security for the years to come in times of ever increasing energy prices.

Planning for the plant began as early as December 2021, and the final installation of the solar panels on the roof could be started in February 2023 and lasted – with interruptions due to the winter weather – until the end of the year.
weather – approx. 18 days. POMBERGER Goisern would like to thank Kieninger Elektro- u. Installationstechnik GmbH (Managing Director Markus Lichtenegger and team) for the quick implementation of the environmentally friendly provision for the future.


Precious waste heat for spectacle production!

A heat recovery system in the production of POMBERGER Goisern allows approx. 96% of the supplied electrical power to be recycled for heating the company. The waste heat from the compressor systems, as well as from the machines and server rooms, which are partly powered by PV electricity, is used for this purpose. This saves around 50% of the heating energy required (district gas) and thus not only optimises costs but also protects the environment. The ecological footprint of each pair of Johann von Goisern glasses is thus significantly reduced.