Image-source: Johann von Goisern Fall/Winter collection 2019

This interview was conducted with Jamie Sawyer, Managing director of JS Optical on September 26th, 2019. Since 2017 JS Optical has been distributing Johann von Goisern eyewear produced by POMBERGER Goisern in the United Kingdom.


Could you please describe your previous experience working with POMBERGER Goisern?

Pomberger has been absolutely fantastic to work with. They are forward thinking and extremely professional.


What do you enjoy about working with POMBERGER Goisern?

The finished product [Johann von Goisern] is of the highest quality and the fit on the customers is second to none. This shows to me that nothing is left to chance and every angle has been covered.

Pomberger have treated us in the UK with utmost respect and have always delievered whatever has been needed.


Would you recommend working with POMBERGER Goisern?

I would recommend all to work with Pomberger given the chance, they certainly won’t regret it!